New Features Added to COD Modern Warfare 3

Teleport team – transfer the team to another location
Teleport Enemy – transfer the enemy to another location
Teleport All – transfer all the people to a different location
Freeze Players – Pause the actions of the players
NoClip – ability to fly pass the walls
Never Die Mode – Players will never die
Low Gravity – be buoyed up when leap into the air
Force Host – Host every round of matches in the multiplayer game
Unlimited Ammo – Gun will have unlimited ammunition

Low Gravity
You can use the low gravity feature to make other players buoyed up as you fly pass the walls. Your gun will be equipped with unlimited ammunition so you don’t have to put bullets into it anymore. The default play mode is the Kill Confirmed game mode. You can refresh the game campaign at anytime you want. It gives you the ability to unlock the weapons at a higher speed so that you will have more fun playing the game. (both newbie and professional players of the Call of Duty series will enjoy the game)

NoClip prevents you from falling when you are in the Over watch mode. This is a nice cheat to have. The COD Modern Warfare cheats software also let you become a camper.

Easy to Use Menu
Cheaters beware: BLACK OPS 2 security team cracking down

Every player will have encounter this type of problem at certain stages. You have been spending lots of time to configure the class of the weapons, accumulating kills, and shooting all your enemies and watching them killed one by one. All of the sudden, you noticed that the graphic of your game is glitching and everyone in the game has become equipped with super abilities. These are the symptoms that someone has hacked into your game.

You will know what it feels like when a hacker steal your game if you are a player who have never cheated. I did have this kind of experience once. It didn’t stop to bother me even after I decided not to play the match anymore. I feel that someone has hacked into my game and ruin it. Although I could continue to play it, the hackings of another player can be seen on all the characters in every round of the multiplayer game. The names of the class are altered. I did managed to change everything back to the way I want. Nonetheless, I could still see the link to the YouTube channel on my profile. The game is not as enjoyable as before because I know that someone can hack the game at anytime.

The reason I tell you this story is because hackers destroy the games of honest players. I am glad that the game moderators at Infinity Ward have ban 1,600 players who are caught cheating on the COD Bo2. The bans are on those who have attempt to the glitch the game by using cheat codes, hacking software. You can help to stop the hacking problem by reporting about the players who are cheating in the game. I hope that the security team at the Infinity Ward and Activision will do something to stop the hacking problems. Many people become no longer interested with the game within 1 – 2 weeks of the launching of the game because other people constantly try to hack the game. This is a common thing to happen from the time the game is launched.

As a last reminder, cheating will destroy the online game in which you have invested so much time. Neither me nor anyone else will have pity if the moderator close your account because you cheat. For those who do not cheat in the game, have fun playing the game.

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