What to do if your online casino account is blocked

учетная запись заблокирована в казино

When playing at an online casino, it is possible to encounter account blocking. Player profiles are blocked by administrators for several reasons. The most common of them is stating false information about yourself. Club owners make sure that only adult gamers make bets. If a player mis-specifies his age, his profile is blocked.

Access to the account can be closed due to the creation of a dummy profile. According to the rules of the casino, each player is allowed to use only one personal account. Duplicate accounts are blocked for fraud prevention purposes.

Profiles can get blocked if a player has not provided documents to prove his identity. Some clubs block access to accounts if their owners have not logged in for more than a year. Another possible reason for blocking is the suspicion that the player is involved in illegal activities, such as money laundering.

What to do if blocked

Blocking a profile can be due to a rule violation as well as suspected fraud. If a player wants to get your account back and wants to follow the club's rules, he needs to contact technical support. This can be done via email or online chat.

When contacting the support team, you should ask for an explanation of the reason for the blocking. To restore access to the account you have to meet the requirements of the administration of the site. For example, if the profile was blocked because you refused to provide documents, you should send a scan of your ID-card or passport to the club's email address.

Unlocking Profile

Account can be unblocked as soon as the player fulfills all the conditions of the casino. The gamer must strictly follow the rules in the future. In case of their repeated violation there is a risk of permanent blocking of the profile. To avoid such situations, the text of the rules should be read carefully before registration in the selected club.

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