Game Review: Big Orbs Eating Small Orbs

I still don’t get why certain games is more popular than others. I know why Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy’s are popular but I don’t understand why get to become a popular hit of all time.


Most players are not concerned with the graphics quality; all they care is that the game provide a few basic mechanics. But I know that having good quality graphics is absolutely important for the game. is a simple game that become hugely successful without any sophisticated modes. is ranked on top of the iTunes chart after a few hours of the release. The game climbs up the chart as one of the most popular games in the world even though it was developed by an anonymous Reddit user called Zeach without the promotion of any celebrity.

I got to know about as a PC game, when it was at very popular being on top of the best PC games list. I frequently watch on Twitch when waiting for the multiplayer game to complete the matchmaking process for the next round. Many players became familiar with when it was streaming. Over time, it creates a strong fan base.

In the beginning level ofmathematica cook book , players will control a small and fast orb. The orb will gradually increase in size when you eat small orbs. Once you have grown into a big orb, you will be able to eat smaller orbs that belong to other players. You must never touch bigger orbs that belonged to other players as they will eat you up and cause the game to reset again.

Players can release part of their mass to eat up the small dots, just as if a frog sticking out its tongue to eat a fly – which will gives you a wonderful feeling when you successfully catch it. This will make the game more interesting to play, especially when you don’t know what other players are aiming, so the mass you release will have to zig zag pass to capture the targeted dot.

There is nothing to talk about the game. This is a minimalist game with easy to use controls that everyone can understand. It is a fun game right from the beginning and many players have given positive feedback on it. In my opinion, there is nothing that captures my attention in so there should be nothing hindering you from playing the game. It is up to you to play the game and find out why it is so fun to play.

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