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About Us

EarDrummahz Entertainment


EarDrummahz Entertainment was originally established in Palm Bay, FL 2001. It consists of three talented music producers currently located in Kentucky, Orlando FL and Palm Bay FL. When these three producers (OnPoint, KG ProDux, and RayRap) officially came together to form what is now EarDrummahz Entertainment, no one knew what unpaved roads lay ahead. It was in 1996 when a Hip Hop group called Last Embassy was formed. The members, to this day, are Thrax aka The Upmost, SOBE (Son of a Bitch Everyday), RaidaRap aka RayRap, OnPoint, and ProDux aka KG. From this group spawned the music production expertise and capabilities that are now instilled in the EarDrummahz production team. The company was initially formed to be able to capitalize on the beats and production craftsmanship that was already in place due to the three destined producers of Last Embassy.

KG ProDux:

Born in Manhattan 1983, the constant drum lines of old Jamaican songs and heavy basslines were ProDux’s addiction. Eventually making his way to FL, ProDux first met up with Thrax. At that moment sparked a Hip-Hop relationship that would spin off into Last Embassy, which was ProDux’s first group. In the early stages, ProDux got things moving by creating a studio for Last Embassy to record tracks, and to refine the beat and production skills for not only Last Embassy to utilize, but also other local talent in need of beats and a spot to record. Currently in Orlando, KG ProDux with his mic and MIDI cables in hand continues to record, produce and sell beats to those in need, and with the persistence to keep on moving, he has much to offer with his production family EarDrummahz.


This emcee/producer comes from the area of Brick City aka Newark, New Jersey. Born in 1983, he grew up in Illtown, better known as East Orange, New Jersey. Soon after he moved to FL, he became part of Last Embassy. OnPoint is continuing to hold down EarDrummahz in Tampa and becoming known for stabbing vinyl samples with the needle on his old Technique turntable to complement the drums banging in his head. It’s no question when OnPoint touched down in Florida he started to really pursue his talent. This producer is also credited with founding the name “EarDrummahz” for EarDrummahz Entertainment. This Jersey native, who traded his fast lane tactics and hot wire skills for bass lines and snares, has vowed to feed your ears with a new Drummah sound to vibe to.


Corner stores, hustlers, and shot outs were the outlook of Brooklyn, New York in 1983 when this emcee/producer, RaidaRap aka RayRap was thrown on the earth. At a young age RayRap took an ear to breakbeats, and the foundation essentials of real Hip-Hop without delay. Later down the time line while perfecting his skills as an artist, he had grown into a multi-talented individual, now producing tracks, beats, songs, and etc.  With RayRap in the mix of Last Embassy and as well a prime factor of EarDrummahz, he is most likely in the lab right now as you are reading this. He’s somewhere working on upcoming joints for you to bop ya head to until it hurts.


It is because of the hard work and help of EarDrummahz’s extended family of artists, DJs, and supporters, that the company has been able to reach more ears on the underground and soon mainstream level all the way from FL to NY. With affiliates such as, Hazardous Sounds Ent., DJ BammBamm in L.E.S. Manhattan and frequent online supporters of  EarDrummahz believes that creating relationships and networking with those who have the same passion for the music and dedication to succeed is one of the most important aspects of the business. Thank you all…  And we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.